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I´ve put up a lot of kankri stuff recently, haven´t I...
Hello again, im suprisingly alive. 

A kankri  cosplay i did a while ago that i figured i could upload. 

I like the idea of making the gray skin looking as real as possible. I´ve practiced and im getting better at it :3  This is basicly how a troll would generaly look like without makeup.  Or somewhat at least.  I know a lot of cospayers put on a lot of blush to hint the blood underbneeth, wich i find great. Butt to make it really ralistic theres a need for balence. Like all artists its esyets to learn from real life. So i´ve been staring at my own mug in the mirror xD and everyones doferent ofcoars. some humans have more of those panda eyes with slight brown tint around the eyes While others have poofy purple bads under their eyes. 
So i suppose its all about your head cannons to deside these things. Personetly my kankri headcanons is that he has petruding eyes (like ladygaga, like daymn guuurl)  and an oval face shape. in this case i have also extended the corners of his mputh a bit to exentuate his ranting xD  
I still cant deside my nose canon for him. He might have a this nose bridge... i know hw has an up nose but is the nosebridge this or crooked?! I mean he is basicly jesus and jesus is from irac or whatever (excuse my poor knowlege of sertain religious facts) so then shouldnt he have face shapes representing that? but how the heck does that look like?! 
Oh well. Im pretty sure he has big eyes as well cause thats how hes drawn. and like middle thick eyebrows? at least not as thick eyebrows as rufioh and damara at least. I think kankri might have lighter eyebrows?  

anyway, im not too good at the eyebrows yet. and one of the eyeliners messed up. And in the future i will make the lips darker. Right now it looks like hes wearing nude lipstick xD Its canon that they have rather blach lips. thats why their always wear black lipstick, they do a natural makeup. 

but back to the subject of making it realistic. I think you would use diferent shades of gray more then then theyr bloodcolours. i unly use vade hints of their blood in plases i see red areas in my own skin.  But not everyone is makeup-less. kenaya and most of the girls has makeup. so if they have normal skill makeup on their eyebags would not be as obvious (but still there). If its a high fashion one like the maryams you can just cake the facepaint, set it and you got a perfect troll foundation face on. I mean if you know normal makeup fairly well you can ether use that.

anyway, i love cosplaying and would love to start doing that again (before i get too old..) I miss cosplaying. When i can i´ll get a better wig too. You know those cosplayer with magical lushious and flowing wigd~
*dreams away*
im thinking of fineshing my old fanfics i began to write long ago. (i apolegize for never doing that, but to be honest im much better at writing and plotting now so in a way its for the best)

So might think though the old stories and re-plot them. like the vantacest .- brozoned.  I kow the charecters better now and know that my previous set up would not work nor be corect, so i have some other ideas that would be more correct and more interesting :3

and for the johnkat one i wanna re-plot again as well :3 with a better story plot and so on.  

but also a better oe of the ozbert fanfic.

but at the moment i am (trying) to participate with an original book so im gonna try to focus on that. Im also moving soon and many new things in life that is gonna need adjusting. Like im gonna stydy latin :D 

but yeah. i wanna finish and perfect my old fanfics cause i actually enjoy reading them again xD i can see the good and bad parts more clearly so i would enjoy fixing that :3 and finish it xD would be a good practice to learn to finish a story for once, and use it to apolegize to those poor basterds who actually enjoyed reading it xD :l 


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Artist | Literature
Favourite genre of music: almost everything but i love songs with a messege, catchy songs and clasic music

Favourite style of art: morstly everything, but im not too good with cobism or abstract art..

Favourite cartoon character: dany phanton, adventure time , specially the gernderbend versions x3 gravety falls, over the garden wall and steven univurse.
i love homestuck and other non cartoon related stuff too :3

Personal Quote: always be youre self and have fun in life, don´t let anyone controle you! :3
trust your instinkts damn it!! you no idea how i regret not doing that alwast. but first make sure its your actual instingkt and nothing ells like parenoya or what you want. there is a diference.
there are so many amazing quotes oh god. im into new age stuff as they call it, they always have awesome
quotes <3

im an art student and habbyist.
my speciallists is litterature, traditionall art , photography and other things. even tho i might not always put a lot of it up here.
im thinking of starting a yandere book. :D

and its gonna be fucked up. so i wanna ask of your opinion plz. 

what does society hate? incest, bestialety, murder etc you name it! the worse the better!!
phycological or philosophical or random pet peeves of yours?


its good insperation for me. i wanna nail it and go wild.
(how far can i go without anyone shooting me for my sins in this story tho? lol)
  • Listening to: the same old songs i hapn to have..
  • Reading: this xD
  • Watching: with my eyes, duuh
  • Playing: a dangerous game
  • Eating: oatmeal
  • Drinking: tea


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keybladeschosenone Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the favorite on my psycho!kankri cosplay <3 feel free to check out my gallery anytime :) 
nanna95K Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016   Writer
Youer wellcome :3 Every one gotta love themselves a good kankri phyco~ xD I actually have some theories with that. More basicly its about how their blood colour efects their temper and the lower on the hemospectrum they are the calmer they usualy are. i mean membra were really innocent at first. so the lower they are the harder they are to break, close to impossible. but wen you do then you´ve done it, oh no!
xD and its always fun. I will :3
keybladeschosenone Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
I headcannon that too actually. 
Psycho!Kankri is beb <3 

nanna95K Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016   Writer
Omg thats awesome. I mean judging by feferi and the higher ones who have so much anger and fefery snapps in a secund. Then its the oposite for the lower ones. Damare were shy and calm and nice and it took a long time for her to snap. So i think the same applies to kankri. But hes like the boss level XD Its been an eternety, bullying ignored and disrespected and death (and that romantic trigger he has? Its not weird by it self, but he is romantic, just like karkat, its genetic. But he always talk bad about it like hes been dumped or something.)
Hes still going on. Thank god for his stuborness and oblivioness xD 

Psyco!kankri for the win x3
So if kankris like the boss battle, he would probbably be even worse then damara :l thats also an interesting thought huh.
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SkywingKnights Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Thank you so much for the Favorites Icon 3D  on 07 Ghost: Ameichi no tame ni by SkywingKnights    ! w00t! I'm so very glad that you liked my work! Glomp!
kytsko Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
Hi hi! Thank you very much for the watch! ^^ :heart:
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nanna95K Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016   Writer
your very welcome x3
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Hope you have a good day! ~<3
nanna95K Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015   Writer
your wery welcome :3
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